Alec Kopyt was born in Odessa, USSR in 1959. In his early youth, while working as a butcher's apprentice, he became involved in the vibrant music scene, prominent in the city in the 70's.

Odessa was teeming with state-subsidized orchestras playing music to the responsible soviet people in state-controlled restaurants. The same bands also played weddings and funerals. His uncle Moishe, a drummer, taught Alec the tricks of the trade. Immigration to the USA saved Moishe's liver from being pickled and Alec from spending two years in the navy. He took Moishe's lessons to heart and carried on playing. Having had some accordion lessons in his early teens, together with Moishe's advice, he traveled the world and ended up in Amsterdam.

Soon after his arrival he met compatriot musicians, like the Goldfinger, the OMFO and Leonid Soybelman. He collaborated with them on numerous projects and played festivals all around the globe. Since 2001, Alec has been a member of the Amsterdam Klezmer Band as singer and percussionist. As a solo performer he has proven himself capable of quickly entrancing audiences worldwide. In projects like "Man bite Dog" and "The President of the World" he appeared as a scat poet. Currently Alec lives in Amsterdam and is working on his new album.

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